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Fiesole: Etruscan heritage and the hills of great artists

Just half an hour away from the heart of Florence, surrounded by woods and olive groves, the town of Fiesole boasts a rich archeological area, important monasteries and breathtaking views.

powerful Etruscan city in the IV th and III rd c. B.C., Fiesole was conquered by the Republic of Florence in the Middle Ages and from the XIV century on became the favourite resort location for wealthy and influential Florentine dynasties like the Medici, who built splendid villas with gardens on its green hills.

The tour starts from the main square dedicated to the renaissance sculptor Mino da Fiesole. The visit of the archeological area, including the small but comprehensive museum, will allow us to get to know better the Etruscan-Roman heritage of Tuscany and the peculiarities of the area called Northern Etruria.

With a pleasant walk uphill we will be amidst the landscape where Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo spent precious moments of their youth. This scenery has continued to inspire great artists from all over the world, even to the present day.

On request we may end the visit with a tasting of local products on a farm in the surroundings.


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Duration:  3 to 6 hours, to be agreed when booking the tour.

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