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Music in Florence

A walk in the heart of town to evoke historic moments and famous figures in music history. The tour ends with a visit of Palazzo Pitti where the first melodrama was staged in the year 1600.


Pitti Palace, FlorenceMusic is inextricably woven in Florence’s history and its artistic development since the Middle Ages. Dante Alighieri often uses musical metaphors in the Divine Comedy and singing was an essential part of sacred drama, which was even enacted with the great architect Brunelleschi’s scenography. Musical interludes accompanied banquets at the court of Lorenzo the Magnificent, who composed songs himself.

During the late Renaissance the Florentine Camerata (known as Camerata Bardi) aimed at recreating harmony between words and sound while Ferdinand the 1st, the Medici Grand Duke, commissioned the Euridice, a drama considered to be the first Italian melodrama, a musical form that gave birth to Opera.

Famous composers like Handel, Mozart and Tchaikovsky spent long periods in, and were inspired by, the city. Great theatres and performers enriched the musical scene from the XVIII throughout the XX century.

An itinerary for classical music enthusiasts who want to discover Florence from an unusual perspective.

Info about this tour:

Duration: 3 or 4 hours, to be agreed upon beforehand

Entrance fees: Pitti Palace museums

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