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Siena, black and white pearl

This full-day tour aims at discovering one of the pearls of medieval Tuscany. The marvelously well-preserved Siena was once a rich and powerful republic that rivaled Florence for many centuries. It is a city of light and shadows, set in black and white, like its coat of arms, sweet and spicy like the taste of the famous local pastries: Panforte and Panpepato (literally: peppery bread). The Cathedral of Siena has the most amazing interior of all the Tuscan churches and its shell-shaped main square is the scene for the exciting historical Palio horse race. Siena’s narrow and steep medieval streets grant us impressive views of its churches and palaces.

Madonna del Voto, Siena

We start our tour from San Domenico Church. We walk along the elegant main street flanked by ancient palaces, some of which are still in the possession of Italy’s most ancient bank, to reach the highest point in town – the Cathedral hill.

We will visit its interior to discover the art treasures it contains.

After a short break to savour some local cold cuts or delicious pastries, we reach Piazza del Campo, the heart of the town and the backdrop of the annual Palio.

The square is dominated by the exquisite gothic City Hall (Palazzo Pubblico), hosting a rich museum of medieval pictorial art, including Italy’s first fresco, depicting everyday life scenes.

Info about this tour

Duration: 6 hours

Entrance fees: Entrance to Duomo and Palazzo Pubblico

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